darkness collocations and examples

 UK /ˈdɑː(r)knəs/

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lack of light

Adjectives frequently used with darkness
total: absolute, complete, impenetrable, pitch, total, utterHe rubbed his eyes, and soon became aware that he was alone in the church, and in utter darkness.almost: near, semiThe images on this page were taken in near darkness.thick: black, deep, dense, inky, thickAt last the daylight faded and the town was blanketed in inky darkness.not clear: murky, smokyAll the people poured out into the murky darkness of the street.increasing: gathering, growingThen, in gathering darkness, I drove north.
Verbs frequently used with darkness
light up darkness: dispel, illuminate, lighten, light up, penetrate, pierceThe only light that pierces the darkness emits blurrily from the neon sign in the window.cause darkness: plunge something intoLarge parts of the capital were plunged into darkness after the explosion.
Verbs that frequently follow darkness
approach, close in, descend, engulf something, envelop someone/something, fall, shroud someone/something in, surround someone/somethingDarkness enveloped him again, but this time there seemed to be lights up ahead.
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