database collocations and examples

 UK /ˈdeɪtəˌbeɪs/UK /ˈdɑːtəˌbeɪs/

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a large collection of information in a computer

Adjectives frequently used with database
type or form of database: central, computerized, electronic, national, online, relational, searchableBy searching our online vacancy database you will get an idea of the sort of position we can help you with.size of database: comprehensive, extensive, largeThe Arts Service maintains a comprehensive database of service providers in the arts community.
Nouns frequently used before database
computer, customerIt is designed to cover such cases as gaining access to confidential information held on a computer database to use for blackmail.
Verbs frequently used with database
create a database or make changes to it: build, create, develop, maintain, updateTravel Publishing has created a database of over 5,000 places to visit in the UK.use a database: access, search, useClick on this link to search the database.put information into a database: add to, enter into, hold in, hold on, store in, store onAny personal information that you give, including your email address, is stored in a database for marketing purposes.
Verbs that frequently follow database
containThe news database currently only contains items that were added within the past 30 days.
Nouns frequently used after database
design, entry, management, search, server, systemIt is estimated that the new database system will be complete by the end of September.
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