date collocations and examples

 UK /deɪt/

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a particular day or year; a particular time when something happens

Adjectives frequently used with date
at an earlier or later time: earlier, future, laterAn invoice will be sent to you at a later date.given exactly or roughly: actual, approximate, exact, precise, provisional, specific, specifiedPlease note that the exact date of birth and/or marriage should be provided.when a baby is due to be born or money is due to be paid: dueMy due date came and I felt fine except for being fed up with everyone asking me if I had had it yet!
Nouns frequently used before date
when something happens: arrival, birth, delivery, departure, launch, publication, release, targetIf you are booking less than 8 weeks before the departure date then we will ask you for payment of the holiday in full.when something starts or finishes: closing, completion, end, expiry, startApplications must arrive before the closing date.
Verbs frequently used with date
when making arrangements: agree, arrange, change, check, choose, confirm, fix, setCan we set a date for the next meeting?when giving a date: announce, giveShe found an inscription giving the precise date for the completion of the mosque.
Nouns frequently used after date of
birth, death, meeting, publicationWhat is your date of birth?
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