decision collocations and examples

 UK /dɪˈsɪʒ(ə)n/

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a choice made after thinking carefully

Adjectives frequently used with decision
difficult: difficult, hard, toughWe have some very tough decisions to make.good or correct: correct, good, rational, right, sensible, wiseThis was definitely the right decision.poor or wrong: bad, poor, wrongOne bad decision was swiftly followed by another.important: big, important, key, major, momentousWithin the company there are likely to be several people involved in any key decisions.based on good information: informedUniversity league tables assist students to make informed decisions about where to study.made quickly: hasty, quick, snapPlan ahead and don’t make snap decisions.made by everyone or most people: collective, majority, unanimousThe jury’s decision was unanimous.done deliberately: consciousIt was a conscious decision to take control of her life.that people disagree about: controversialThis controversial decision led to much protest.
Nouns frequently used before decision
business, investment, management, planning, policyExpect to see significant policy decisions in this area.
Verbs frequently used with decision
make a decision: arrive at, come to, make, reach, takeIt didn’t take long to make the decision to retreat.influence a decision: affect, influenceWhen considering a planning application what affects the decision?give reasons for a decision: defend, explain, justifyWhatever method is chosen, the trustees must be able to justify their decision if challenged.say or do what you have decided: announce, confirm, implement, issueThe committee will announce the decision to the parties at the end of the hearing where possible.think again about a decision: reconsider, reviewI invite you to reconsider your decision.change a decision: overrule, overturn, reverseThis decision was overturned by the Court of Appeal.try to change a decision: appeal against, challengeIf your application is unsuccessful, you can appeal against the decision.when you do not make a decsion until a later time: defer, delay, postponeIt was agreed to defer a decision on this issue until after Christmas.agree with a decision: accept, support, upholdFollowing the result of the ballot, it is clear that the majority do not want to strike, and we accept their decision.when you have to make a decision: be faced with, faceI faced an agonizing decision.
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