decline collocations and examples

 UK /dɪˈklaɪn/

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a reduction in amount or quality

Adjectives frequently used with decline
quick or large decline: dramatic, marked, rapid, serious, severe, sharp, significant, steepRecent figures show a steep decline in asylum applications.types of decline: economic, industrial, moralThe town has been in economic decline since the late 1920s.when a decline cannot be stopped: inevitable, inexorable, terminalThe Clyde’s salmon fisheries were in terminal decline.gradual or slight decline: gradual, slight, slow, steadyThe reality was a steady decline in customer numbers and sales, while costs escalated.considered generally or over a long period: general, long-term, overallWe have seen an overall decline in consumer spending.
Nouns frequently used before decline
populationA reduced food supply in farmland is insufficient to explain the bird population decline.
Verbs frequently used with decline
stop or slow down a decline: arrest, halt, offset, prevent, reverse, slow, stem, stopTrade union membership has fallen since the high point of the 1970s and the unions are unable to reverse this decline.experience a decline: experience, fall into, go into, sufferThe black rhino population in Africa has suffered a dramatic decline as a result of poaching.cause a decline: cause, lead toThe coming of the railways caused a decline in the use of the county’s waterways.speed up a decline: accelerate, hastenThe episode tarnished Ruskin’s reputation, and may have accelerated his mental aware of a decline happening: seeEach time a chain moves in, we see a decline in the volume of coffee sold in independent shops.
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