default collocations and examples

 UK /dɪˈfɔːlt/

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the way something happens unless you choose differently especially on a computer

Verbs frequently used with default
set the default: choose, select, set, specify, supplyConsider setting the default to double-sided printing.change the default: alter, change, modify, override, resetThe program enables you to quickly change the default.use the default: accept, apply, useIf you are writing a letter in French, do not use the English defaults.
Nouns frequently used after default
setting: configuration, options, setting, setupThe default setting in the search box is “all of the words”.of text/printing: colour, font, format, size, styleFor me, the default font is a little too file: directory, file, locationSet the default directory as required.printer: printerClick on the OK button to print your document to the default printer.
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