deficiency collocations and examples

 UK /dɪˈfɪʃ(ə)nsi/

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a lack of something the body needs

Adjectives frequently used with deficiency
serious: chronic, major, serious, severe, significantA severe deficiency of vitamin C will result in a state called scurvy.not serious: mild, minorThe white spots on your fingernails are most likely to be caused by a mild zinc deficiency.common/rare: common, rareVitamin B12 deficiency is relatively common in people aged over 65 years.relating to food: dietary, nutritionalUnintended weight loss could signal illness or nutritional deficiency.
Verbs frequently used with deficiency
have a deficiency: have, suffer fromThe doctors thought he had an enzyme deficiency.correct a deficiency: correct, rectify, remedyHormone Replacement Therapy aims to correct the deficiency of the female hormones that occurs at menopause.cause a deficiency: cause, induce, lead to, result inIncorrect diet causes a deficiency in potassium in the blood.prevent a deficiency: preventParrots require highly varied food in order to prevent vitamin deficiencies.find or show a deficiency: detect, diagnose, show, traceIt takes two tests to properly diagnose a growth hormone deficiency.

a fault that makes something not good enough

Adjectives frequently used with deficiency
serious: major, serious, severe, significantPrevious research has suffered from two serious deficiencies.obvious: glaring, obviousI was disappointed to note a couple of glaring deficiencies in the book’s content.claimed: allegedWhat do you think about the alleged deficiencies in the medical evidence?
Verbs frequently used with deficiency
have a deficiency: haveThese boats had many deficiencies, not least their small size.correct a deficiency: correct, overcome, rectify, redress, remedyWhat action has been taken to remedy the deficiencies we identified?find or show a deficiency: expose, highlight, identify, indicate, reveal, showThe appraisal identified serious deficiencies in his with a deficiency: address, tackleWe need to address this deficiency in our knowledge.
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