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 UK /ˌdefəˈnɪʃ(ə)n/

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a statement of what a word or expression means

Adjectives frequently used with definition
clear: clearHer book provides clear definitions of the terms used in this field.general: broad, general, widestrict or precise: exact, narrow, precise, rigorous, strictThe insurance policy refers to ‘exceptional circumstances’, but does not give a precise definition.official or legal: formal, legal, official, statutoryThe new law will propose a statutory definition of the term ‘racial hatred’.scientific or technical: clinical, mathematical, scientific, technicalWhat is the mathematical definition of ‘probability’?
Verbs frequently used with definition
change a definition: alter, amend, change, modify, refine, revise, updateThe government changed the definition of joblessness many times in order to massage the unemployment figures.make a definition less precise: broaden, expand, extend, widenHe broadens the definition of ‘terrorism’ to include any action that has an ‘economic impact’.make a definition more precise: narrow, tightenWe have tightened the definition of training to exclude inductions and workplace briefings.accept or agree a definition: accept, agreeWould you accept this definition of poverty?give a definition: give, offer, propose, provideMy dictionary gives the definition of ‘churlish’ as ‘boorish or vulgar’.use a definition: adopt, useThe course adopts a broad definition of the term ‘second language education’.produce a definition: establish, formulate, writeOur definition of an underdeveloped country is based on the definition formulated by the United Nations.match or fit a definition: fit, fulfil, satisfyIf a person satisfies the definition of an employee, he or she is entitled to certain benefits.
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