definitive collocations and examples

 UK /dɪˈfɪnətɪv/

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final and best

Nouns frequently used with definitive
book or document dealing with facts: biography, book, collection, document, guide, history, reference, source, workThis book is the definitive guide to growing herbs.version: edition, versionThe text was edited as a definitive version.answer or conclusion: answer, conclusion, diagnosis, explanation, interpretation, solutionI’m not trying to give the definitive answers here.statement: account, description, statementPlease treat the specification as a guide rather than a definitive statement.proof: evidence, proofThe reference number and date issued is not definitive proof of exemption.list: list, recordI would be grateful if you could get back to me with a simple and definitive list of requirements.decision: agreement, rulingThe Court was not required to make a definitive ruling on this point.
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