delay collocations and examples

 UK /dɪˈleɪ/

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when something happens later than expected

Adjectives frequently used with delay
long: considerable, endless, inordinate, interminable, lengthy, long, serious, significantThe airport reported lengthy flight delays caused by the snow.not necessary or reasonable: avoidable, excessive, inexcusable, unacceptable, undue, unnecessary, unreasonableWe will carry out the building work without undue delay.short: minimal, short, slightThere may be a slight delay while your details are checked.not expected: unexpected, unforeseenThere are often unforeseen delays and interruptions.impossible to avoid: inevitable, unavoidableThis time limit may only be extended in exceptional cases, where delay is unavoidable due to illness.more: furtherHere I am still sitting in the lounge with further delays caused by an electrical problem on the plane.of mail or transport: airport, flight, postal, traffic, train, travelShe lost two days from her holiday because of flight delays.causing loss of money: costlyGood initial planning will help you avoid costly delays later on.
Verbs frequently used with delay
cause a delay: cause, create, introduce, lead to, mean, result inPlease ask the receptionist to check, even if it means a short delay.avoid a delay: avoid, preventTo avoid delays in registration please complete the application form in full.experience a delay: encounter, experience, face, incur, sufferThe project has not experienced any major delays.reduce delays: eliminate, minimize, reduceWaiting lists are kept short in order to minimize delays.
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