delay collocations and examples

 UK /dɪˈleɪ/

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to make something happen later than planned or expected

Adverbs frequently used with delay
a lot: badly, considerably, seriously, severely, significantly, substantiallyThe plane we were on was badly delayed by fog.Significantly delaying the treatment of heat stroke can increase the risk of long-term consequences.unnecessarily or unreasonably: unduly, unnecessarily, unreasonablyLet us know your plans as soon as possible so that work is not unnecessarily delayed.slightly: slightly, somewhatNicolette arrived safe and sound, if slightly delayed.for ever/not for ever: indefinitely, temporarilyPlans to install Digital TV in the Grad room have been temporarily delayed.when you cannot do anything about it: unavoidablyIf you are unavoidably delayed, please try to contact the school.

Usage note

Delay is always passive in this combination.

deliberately: deliberatelyThey deliberately delayed the conclusion of their work to take into account the findings of a new market research project.
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