delight collocations and examples

 UK /dɪˈlaɪt/

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a feeling of great happiness and pleasure

Adjectives frequently used with delight
great: absolute, great, intense, pure, sheer, utterThe expression on his face was one of sheer delight.real: genuine, real, trueAs a nanny, she took a real delight in caring for children.obvious: evident, obviousHis obvious delight was confirmed when he remarked, ‘What a splendid show!’like a child’s: childish, childlikeTarantino sets up his cinematic world with an almost childlike delight.
Verbs frequently used with delight
experience delight: experience, feel, find, takeHe seemed to take delight in watching me your delight: convey, express, reveal, showThey showed their obvious delight throughout the band’s set by singing and dancing along with all the songs.hide your delight: conceal, contain, hideHe found it hard to hide his delight.share someone’s delight: shareHowever, Sharon does not share her brother’s delight.give delight: bring, giveHe liked to dress up as a clown and bring delight to children’s faces.
Verbs + with frequently used before delight
beam, laugh, scream, shriek, squeal, whoopWhy do children laugh and squeal with delight when chased?
Nouns + of frequently used before delight
cheer, cry, scream, shout, shriek, squeal, whoopI can hear the shrieks of delight from young children as they unwrap their presents from Santa Claus.
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