delivery collocations and examples

 UK /dɪˈlɪv(ə)ri/

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the process of bringing goods or letters to a place

Adjectives frequently used with delivery
fast: express, fast, prompt, quick, rapid, speedyMany thanks for the prompt delivery of our order.late: lateThis way we keep the late deliveries to a freeDelivery is free for orders over £50.of mail: airmail, mail, parcel, postalThere is no postal delivery after 13.00 on day: next-day, overnightIf we have the part in stock, it can be sent to you that day for next-day delivery .to a particular place: international, local, nationwide, overseas, worldwideWe can provide both local and worldwide delivery of flowers.
Verbs frequently used with delivery
accept delivery: accept, receive, takeWe are looking forward to taking delivery of the new machine.make sure that delivery happens: ensure, guaranteeTo ensure rapid delivery we ship the goods by a door-to-door courier service.arrange delivery: arrange, arrange for, facilitate, organize, scheduleCustomers are welcome to collect their order or have us arrange delivery.refuse delivery: refuseIf the goods are damaged we would suggest that you refuse delivery from the courier.make or try to make a delivery: attempt, makeAll deliveries are made within 48 hours.wait for delivery: await, expect, wait forThese cars have been purchased and are awaiting delivery.delay delivery: delayThe latest fighting has delayed the delivery of food donations.
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