demonstrate collocations and examples

 UK /ˈdemənˌstreɪt/

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show clearly that something is true or exists

Adverbs frequently used with demonstrate
in a way that convinces: amply, conclusively, consistently, convincingly, effectively, successfully, unequivocallyThe figures are suggestive, but cannot conclusively demonstrate the reasons for these differences.clearly: ably, clearly, dramatically, graphically, vividlyThe authors argue that the failure of this approach has been clearly demonstrated during the last five a particular way: empirically, experimentally, practically, scientificallyThe existence of this faculty was first experimentally demonstrated in 1841.
Nouns frequently used as the object of demonstrate
usefulness: benefit, effectiveness, efficacy, feasibility, importance, potential, superiority, usefulness, versatility, viabilityThe project is to develop a prototype to demonstrate the viability of a European Land Information Service.personal quality: ability, aptitude, awareness, commitment, competence, shell, talent, understanding, willingnessHe plans to restore an old pond, demonstrating his continuing commitment to encouraging new wildlife habitats.existence: existence, presenceThe blood sample demonstrated the presence of antibodies.
Nouns frequently used as the subject of demonstrate
article or research: article, book, experiment, paper, project, report, research, study, survey, trial, workHe said the study demonstrated how incredibly effective cameras are in cutting casualties.results: data, findings, results, statisticsThe results demonstrated that the desktop PC is extensively used pre, during and post fieldwork.person: author, researcherThe authors demonstrate the powers of computer simulation when combined with sound scientific theory.
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