departure collocations and examples

 UK /dɪˈpɑː(r)tʃə(r)/

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an occasion when someone leaves a place

Adjectives frequently used with departure
sudden or unexpected: abrupt, dramatic, hasty, premature, sudden, surprise, swiftThe sudden departure of their drummer caused the band no end of problems.happening soon: imminent, impendingI just thought I would inform you of my impending departure.early/late: early, lateGuests needing an earlier departure may be catered for by prior arrangement.
Verbs frequently used with departure
delay departure: delay, postponeShe’d heard that I’d had to delay my departure.announce departure: announceHe had already announced his departure earlier this year.bring forward: hastenHer relationships with managers deteriorated, which hastened her departure.

something new or different

Adjectives frequently used with departure
dramatic, major, new, radical, significantThis marks a radical departure from the standard discussion of innovation in health.
Verbs frequently used with departure
herald, mark, signalNeither case heralds a significant departure from the previous law.
Nouns frequently used after departure from
the norm, plan, practice, principle, rule, standards, traditionThis was a departure from established practice.
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