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 UK /dɪˈskrɪpʃ(ə)n/

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a statement about what someone or something is like

Adjectives frequently used with description
short: brief, concise, short, succinctAll you then have to do is enter a brief description of your home.long: lengthy, longVisitors don’t want to read lengthy descriptions.detailed: complete, comprehensive, detailed, exhaustive, full, in-depth, thoroughHe showed me the sale catalogue with its detailed descriptions of all the farms.not detailed: general, vagueShe could only provide them with a vague description of her attacker.with unpleasant details: graphicHis novels contain graphic descriptions of sexual violence.exact or clear: accurate, apt, clear, good, preciseFull and accurate descriptions of courses must be provided.powerful: powerful, vividThe description is so vivid, it makes you want to head for the island immediately.spoken/written: verbal, writtenA written role description can be given to the volunteer when they start volunteering.
Verbs frequently used with description
give a description: give, issue, provideThe police have issued a description of the men they want to interview.match a description: fit, matchIf you provide details of an image you are searching for, we will endeavour to match your impossible to describe: beggar, defyThe sensation I felt at that moment defies description.
Verbs that frequently follow description
apply to, correspond to, fit, matchIf any of these descriptions apply to you then we can help.
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