desire collocations and examples

 UK /dɪˈzaɪə(r)/

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a strong feeling of wanting something

Adjectives frequently used with desire
strong: ardent, burning, deep, fervent, insatiable, intense, overwhelming, passionate, strongThere is a very strong desire among many of the younger people to speak their native tongue.sincere: earnest, genuine, sincereThe leadership has responded with a genuine desire to work together for the good of the country.not satisfied: unfulfilled, unsatisfiedTry and free yourself from unfulfilled desire for what you can’t afford.not expressed: hidden, secretIn this article Warner examines the secret desires behind such fears.
Verbs frequently used with desire
express a desire: express, indicate, showA lot of people also express a desire to start a new career.satisfy a desire: fulfil, gratify, indulge, satisfyMaybe nothing will satisfy my desire for the perfect magazine.have a desire: feel, haveI have little desire to pay into a fund that won’t be there when I retire.stop yourself feeling a desire: curb, repress, suppressIt was a critical moment, but I managed to suppress any desire to leave.make a desire stronger: arouse, fuel, stimulateShe grew up in South Africa, which fueled a desire to write about the injustices there.
Verbs + from frequently used before desire
arise, come, derive, spring, stemThis practice stemmed from a desire to give a sense of order to the world.
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