destroy collocations and examples

 UK /dɪˈstrɔɪ/

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cause damage so severe that something stops existing

Adverbs frequently used with destroy
completely: completely, totally, utterlyA member of staff was wounded in the blast, which totally destroyed the vehicle.partly: partially, partlyIn 1768 the Abbey was partially destroyed by a hurricane, leaving the ruin that we see today.almost: almost, effectively, nearly, virtuallyThe affair nearly destroyed my marriage.carefully and thoroughly: systematicallyFar from saving the club, they have systematically destroyed it.deliberately: deliberatelySome of the records had been deliberately destroyed to prevent people’s identities becoming known.for no good reason: wantonlyThey wantonly destroyed cities like Rotterdam for no military the end: ultimatelyConstant criticism ultimately destroys any confidence or optimism that you may have.
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