detail collocations and examples

 UK /ˈdiːteɪl/

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a small fact or piece of information

Adjectives frequently used with detail
small or not important: minor, small, tinyIt’s just a tiny detail but we want to get it right.
Verbs frequently used with detail
discuss, finalize, work out, worry aboutThe committee met to finalize the details of the arrangements for the summer party.

Usage note

Detail is almost always plural in these combinations: Don’t worry about the details; we can sort them out later.



Adjectives frequently used with detail
more: further, moreFor further details please contact Diane Montgomery on extension 920.complete: fullYou can find out full details of all the courses by clicking one of the links above.unpleasant: gory, graphic, sordidThe journal gives gory details of frostbite damage.exact: exact, precise, up-to-dateYou get precise details when you enrol.basic and short: basic, brief, sketchyBrief details are given below.types of detail: biographical, personal, technicalYour personal details held on our database will be destroyed after 21 days.
Verbs frequently used with detail
give details: announce, disclose, divulge, enter, give, pass on, provide, publish, reveal, send, submit, supplyEnter your address details and e-mail address.I have a couple of gig venues in mind, I’ll pass the details on to Stewart.get details: get, obtain, receiveYou can obtain details of the courses on our website.change details: amend, updateTo add or remove yourself from the list, or amend your details, please email us.make sure details are correct: confirmA security check will be made to confirm your details.have details: containThe booklet contains details of charities which may be able to help.

all the small aspects or features that something has, considered all together

Adjectives frequently used with detail
exact or careful: considerable, great, meticulous, minuteThey went into the arrangements for the day in minute detail.

Usage note

You can say that someone who is careful about every detail has attention to detail: His essays are good but he lacks attention to detail.

Verbs + in frequently used before detail
analyse, comment, cover, describe, discuss, examine, explain, report, review, study, talkWe’ll need to discuss the matter in detail later.
Verbs + into frequently used before detail
goI felt the lecturer hadn’t gone into enough detail.
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