development collocations and examples

 UK /dɪˈveləpmənt/

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change, growth, or improvement over time; the creation of something

Adjectives frequently used with development
continuing: continued, continuing, continuous, ongoingWe are committed to the continued professional development of all our employees.quick: rapidThe organization has recently gone through a period of change and rapid to continue: sustainableMainstream industry needs to be convinced of the need for sustainable development and the benefits of cleaner production and pollution control.types of development: economic, industrial, personal, professionalJapan began its industrial development after the Meiji restoration in 1868.
Nouns frequently used before development
business, career, community, skills, staff, workforceThe scheme aims to facilitate the study of courses which aid career development.
Verbs frequently used with development
help development: aid, encourage, facilitate, foster, promote, stimulate, support, undergoThe organization aims to promote the development of a multicultural inclusive society through sport and art.make development less quick: hinder, impede, inhibitPoor diet inhibits the development of healthy muscles and bones.make development quicker: accelerateThe book gives you ways in which to accelerate the development of your business.prevent development: preventExtreme jealousy can prevent the development of healthy and check development: monitor, overseeA committee has been appointed to oversee the future service development.see and describe development: traceFrom these texts, it is possible to trace the development of the Hebrew language.influence development: influenceOur role is to influence the development and implementation of European policy.form the basis for development: underpinThe region’s universities and land-based colleges will be essential to underpin skills development.when development happens: undergoThe country is undergoing rapid development at the present time.
Nouns frequently used after development
aid, opportunity, plan, process, programmeSince 1985, the country has benefited from over 335 million euros of development aid.
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