dialogue collocations and examples

 UK /ˈdaɪəlɒɡ/

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a process of discussion in order to solve problems

Adjectives frequently used with dialogue
useful: constructive, effective, fruitful, informed, meaningfulThe organization aims to promote meaningful dialogue between different regions and communities.continuing: constant, continuing, ongoingOur aim is to bring this ongoing dialogue to the attention of our participating educational communities.open or direct: openThis is achieved through open dialogue with our local research ethics committee.with both groups talking and listening: interactive, two-wayPeace will only be possible if both sides are prepared to enter into a genuine two-way dialogue.types of dialogue: intercultural, interfaith, politicalIn addition to political dialogue between Brussels and national capitals, the EU must foster people-to-people contact.
Verbs frequently used with dialogue
start a dialogue: begin, create, develop, enter into, establish, initiate, open, startLibrarians need to establish a dialogue with academics to address these issues.have a dialogue: engage in, have, participate inThe Islamic Society wishes to spread the truth about Islam and does this by engaging in dialogue with Muslims and non-Muslims alike.encourage a dialogue: encourage, facilitate, promote, stimulateWe provide an advocacy service which aims to encourage and facilitate dialogue between parents and teachers.continue a dialogue: maintainMedia relations officers maintain a regular dialogue with journalists.
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