dilemma collocations and examples

 UK /dɪˈlemə/UK /daɪˈlemə/

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a situation when you must make a difficult decision

Adjectives frequently used with dilemma
serious: acute, difficult, painful, real, terribleThe spread of armed conflict presents us with a real dilemma.basic: age-old, classic, fundamentalIt’s the age-old dilemma: how to find a holiday that all the family will enjoy?of a particular type: ethical, legal, moral, philosophical, socialHe discusses philosophical dilemmas such as whether assassination can ever be morally right.
Verbs frequently used with dilemma
face a dilemma: confront, deal with, face, find yourself in, grapple with, have, wrestle withAll religions face the dilemma of balancing individual salvation and social engagement.create a dilemma: create, pose, presentThe humanitarian situation in the country poses a moral dilemma for the United Nations.resolve a dilemma: address, overcome, resolve, solve, tackleHe finally resolved the dilemma by deciding to accept both invitations.
Verbs that frequently follow dilemma
arise, confront someone, face someoneMany ethical dilemmas confront documentary film makers.
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