dimension collocations and examples

 UK /daɪˈmenʃ(ə)n/

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an aspect of a situation

Adjectives frequently used with dimension
new/different: added, additional, different, extra, further, newRecordings can give your learning of French an extra dimension.of a particular type: cultural, ethical, historical, moral, political, psychological, religious, social, spiritualReligious or not, many of us feel that our lives have a spiritual dimension.affecting a particular area: European, global, international, regionalThrough contacts abroad our work has developed an international dimension.
Verbs frequently used with dimension
give something a dimension: add, bring, give (something), introduce, provideHer involvement will add a valuable new dimension to the project.have or develop a dimension: acquire, assume, develop, have, take onThe present-day carnival has assumed a modern dimension.
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