diploma collocations and examples

 UK /dɪˈpləʊmə/

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a course of study at a college or university

Adjectives frequently used with diploma
at a particular level: advanced, foundation, graduate, postgraduateShe graduated with first-class honours and is currently studying for a graduate diploma in law.taking a particular time: full-time, one-year, part-time, two-yearThe course is aimed at students who have completed a two-year diploma.vocational: professional, vocationalThe government plans to introduce new vocational diplomas aimed at 16–18 year olds.
Verbs frequently used with diploma
study for a diploma: do, study forI decided to do a postgraduate diploma in journalism.get a diploma: attain, be awarded, complete, earn, gain, obtain, receiveHe was awarded his teaching diploma in 2019.have a diploma: have, holdHe holds a diploma in management studies.
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