direction collocations and examples

 UK /dɪˈrekʃ(ə)n/UK /daɪˈrekʃ(ə)n/

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the path someone or someone moves along

Adjectives frequently used with direction
right/wrong: right, wrongI’m looking for the bathroom. Can you tell me if I ’m going in the right direction ?same/different: different, opposite, reverse, sameThe route is slightly easier in the reverse direction.general: general, overallKeep walking in the general direction of the line of trees.particular directions: anitclockwise, clockwise, downward, easterly, forward, northerly, perpendicular, southerly, upward, vertical, westerlyTurn the dial in a clockwise direction.
Verbs frequently used with direction
move or be in a direction: face, go in, move (something) in, point (something/someone) in, takeTurn 180° to face the opposite direction.change direction: change, reverse, switchThe wind was constantly changing direction.

instructions for doing something or getting somewhere

Adjectives frequently used with direction
clear, detailed, step-by-stepEnsure that candidates are provided with clear directions to the venue for the interview.
Verbs frequently used with direction
follow, obeyYou can find the site by following the directions above.give, issue, provideTake the medication according to the directions given on the box.

the general development or progress of someone or something

Adjectives frequently used with direction
good/right: positive, promising, rightYou have taken a big step in the right direction by coming to us for help.same/different: different, new, opposite, reverse, sameWhile charitable donations increased in the US, the trend in the UK went in the opposite direction.future: future, strategicHis role is to shape the strategic direction of the company.general: general, overallThe document outlines our priorities and general direction.unexpected: unexpectedAt this point, her career took a new and totally unexpected direction.
Nouns frequently used before direction
career, policy, researchThe government has presented a new policy direction on transport.
Verbs frequently used with direction
move in a direction: go in, move in, takeOne day she meets a young man and her life takes a new direction.control something’s direction: control, determine, dictate, influence, set, shape, steerCitizens can help shape the future direction of their society through political something’s direction: indicate, predict, suggestOur aim was to indicate possible directions for future research.change something’s direction: alter, changeYou may decide to change your career direction.
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