disadvantage collocations and examples

 UK /ˌdɪsədˈvɑːntɪdʒ/

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something that makes someone or something less effective, successful, or attractive

Adjectives frequently used with disadvantage
big/important: big, considerable, distinct, great, huge, major, obvious, particular, serious, severe, significant, substantialOne of the major disadvantages of this treatment is it can lead to kidney infection.The lack of river crossings put East London at a substantial disadvantage.main: main, primary, principalThe primary disadvantage of these tests is the time it takes to develop questions which really probe the student’s learning.not big: slightAlthough there is a slight cost disadvantage, the installation is quicker and easier.of a particular type: competitive, economic, educational, employment, market, racial, social, socio-economic, taxSocio-economic disadvantages such as poverty have an impact on learning.possible: possible, potentialWe discuss some of the potential disadvantages for employees of flexible working hours.impossible to avoid: inherentConvertibles have some inherent disadvantages such as noise and vulnerability to theft.
Verbs frequently used with disadvantage
have a disadvantage: experience, face, have, sufferDespite its beauty and charm, the village does face some disadvantages from its proximity to a major city.deal with a disadvantage: address, alleviate, avoid, combat, counter, eliminate, minimise, overcome, reduce, tackleThere have to be further opportunities for people to overcome economic disadvantage.outweigh a disadvantage: counteract, counterbalance, offset, outweigh, redressIn a life-threatening situation, the advantages of a blood transfusion outweigh the disadvantages.
Verbs + at frequently used before disadvantage
put someone/something: leave someone/something, place someone/something, put someone/somethingTraditional working patterns place women at a particular disadvantage.be: be, feel, remain, startSmall independent shops often feel at a disadvantage.
Other nouns/adjectives/verbs frequently used with disadvantage
advantage, benefit, meritThere are advantages and disadvantages to working from home.
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