disagreement collocations and examples

 UK /ˌdɪsəˈɡriːmənt/

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a situation in which people disagree

Adjectives frequently used with disagreement
serious: considerable, deep, major, serious, significant, strong, substantial, widespreadThese proposals are likely to cause significant disagreement among party members.too basic to be resolved: fundamental, irreconcilable, irresolvable, profound, unresolvedWhen faced with a fundamental disagreement between two scientists, what are we to conclude?not very serious: minor, slightDisputes with neighbours can range from minor disagreements to serious harassment.angry: bitter, sharp, violentHe had a sharp disagreement with John Wesley over doctrinal matters.about particular subjects or issues: doctrinal, moral, political, theologicalEven within major faiths there are moral disagreements.
Verbs frequently used with disagreement
have a disagreement: be in, haveOf course we have disagreements from time to time.resolve or avoid disagreement: avoid, handle, resolve, settle, solveIt is important to resolve any disagreements through discussion.cause disagreement: cause, provokeThe question of whether Britain could join the European single currency is causing disagreement again.express disagreement: air, express, voiceSome colleagues have expressed disagreement with this view.
Verbs that frequently follow disagreement
happen: arise, emerge, erupt, exist, occurBoth parties agree that it is in their interest to deal speedily with any disagreement that arises.continue or get worse: escalate, persist, remainDeep disagreements remain over any future UN role in Iraq.
Other nouns/adjectives/verbs frequently used with disagreement
argument: argument, conflict, confusion, controversy, criticism, difference, dispute, dissent, division, misunderstanding, tension, uncertaintyWe have to identify areas of conflict and disagreement and find a way to resolution.agreement: agreementYour agreement or disagreement with that statement will partly depend on your general prejudices.
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