disappearance collocations and examples

 UK /ˌdɪsəˈpɪərəns/

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when someone or something disappears

Adjectives frequently used with disappearance
mysterious: inexplicable, mysterious, strange, unexplained, unsolvedAccording to local folklore, there have been several mysterious disappearances in the wood.sudden: abrupt, rapid, sudden, swiftThere will be a dramatic temperature rise accompanied by the rapid disappearance of snow.gradual: eventual, gradualWe have seen the gradual disappearance of the gramophone record.complete: complete, totalNine out of ten patients reported a complete disappearance of the symptoms.almost complete: near, virtualThe near disappearance of shipbuilding attests to the decline of British manufacturing industry.
Verbs frequently used with disappearance
cause a disappearance: cause, lead to, meanWill this mean the disappearance of products people value?regret a disappearance: lament, mourn, regretMany inhabitants mourn the disappearance of small family-run shops from the town.explain a disappearance: explain, investigate, solveThe boys wondered how to explain the car’s disappearance to their parents.
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