disappointing collocations and examples

 UK /ˌdɪsəˈpɔɪntɪŋ/

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not as good as wanted or expected

Adverbs frequently used with disappointing
very: bitterly, crushingly, deeply, desperately, doubly, especially, extremely, hugely, massively, particularly, profoundly, really, terribly, veryWe came away with a bitterly disappointing 0–0 draw.It was very disappointing to see an increase in offences last year.rather: a bit, a little, mildly, pretty informal, quite, rather, slightly, somewhat, a tad informalWe had a nice drive there and back but the show itself was a little disappointing.
Nouns frequently used with disappointing
result: defeat, end, ending, finish, news, outcome, resultI took lots of photographs but the results were disappointing.performance: display, performance, season, showing, startThey discussed the party’s disappointing showing in the local elections.amount/number: attendance, figure, response, sales, turnoutThe album’s disappointing sales led to many rumours concerning the future of the group.
Verbs frequently used with disappointing
be, prove, remain, seem, soundIn the end, the much-anticipated conference proved disappointing.
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