disapproval collocations and examples

 UK /ˌdɪsəˈpruːv(ə)l/

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a feeling of not approving of someone or something

Adjectives frequently used with disapproval
strong/not strong: deep, mild, severe, stern, strongThe United States has expressed its strong disapproval at these moves.clearly expressed/not clearly expressed: implicit, obviousShe set out to overcome his obvious disapproval of her.among a lot of people: general, public, universal, widespreadDespite overwhelming public disapproval, some cosmetic companies continue to test their products on animals.

Usage note

You can also say that there is a chorus of disapproval when a lot of people express disapproval of something: When it was reported that the government was considering such a change, there was a chorus of disapproval.

from a particular source: official, parental, socialThe best deterrents to youth crime are detection and parental disapproval.for moral/religious reasons: moral, religiousMore couples now cohabit, free of the social and religious disapproval of past generations.

Verbs frequently used with disapproval
show disapproval: evince, express, indicate, mark, register, show, vent, voiceShe immediately voiced her disapproval of what I was wearing.be the object of disapproval: arouse, earn, face, incur, provoke, riskNew or higher taxes always incur the disapproval of the people.
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