discernible collocations and examples

 UK /dɪˈsɜː(r)nəb(ə)l/

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able to be seen, noticed, or understood

Adverbs frequently used with discernible
almost not: barely, faintly, hardly, just, scarcelyThe sign has a turquoise stripe with a barely discernible logo in the corner.very: clearly, easily, immediately, plainly, readilyHis influence on the policy is clearly discernible.
Nouns frequently used with discernible
change/difference: change, difference, improvement, shiftYou could run your car on the oil with no discernible difference in its performance.effect: benefit, effect, impact, influenceThe US government has been waging a high profile war on opium production, but with no discernible impact.pattern: connection, logic, pattern, relationship, tendency, theme, trendThere is a discernible pattern linking inequality with environmental damage.

Usage note

Discernible is very often used in negative constructions in all of the ADJ+n patterns shown above: There has been no discernible adverse effect on employment.We saw no discernible trend in the mortality rate.

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