discourse collocations and examples

 UK /ˈdɪskɔː(r)s/

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language or discussion of a particular type

Adjectives frequently used with discourse
written/spoken: spoken, writtenWe studied the frequency of occurrence of certain words in spoken discourse.in a particular field: academic, critical, cultural, feminist, ideological, literary, mathematical, moral, philosophical, political, religious, scholarly, scientific, theological, theoreticalShe argues that women have been excluded from academic discourse.generally used: contemporary, dominant, mainstream, publicAlthough highly mathematical, these concepts have entered public discourse.
Verbs frequently used with discourse
analyze discourse: analyze, examine, exploreReserachers analyzed the discourse of the interviewers and the participants.influence discourse: construct, dominate, enter, frame, permeate, shapePolitical discourse is now dominated by moralizing.
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