discriminate collocations and examples

 UK /dɪˈskrɪmɪneɪt/

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treat someone unfairly because of their race, religion etc

Adverbs frequently used with discriminate
not in a direct way: indirectlyShe claimed that she had been indirectly discriminated against by being required to work full-time.in a direct way: actively, directlyScotland is now actively discriminating against students from the rest of the UK.happening frequently: systematicallySome governments use the law to establish authoritarian states which systematically discriminate against minority groups.in an unfair or illegal way: unfairly, unlawfullyHe felt that he had been unfairly discriminated against because of his disability.because of someone’s race: raciallyAn employment tribunal found he had been racially discriminated against in his workplace.in a way that gives special benefits to someone: positivelyMore and more investors and customers are positively discriminating in favour of green companies or organizations.
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