dishonest collocations and examples

 UK /dɪsˈɒnɪst/

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willing to do things that are not honest

Adverbs frequently used with dishonest
completely: downright, thoroughly, utterlyAny introduction agency that claims that they will definitely find your perfect partner is being unrealistic or downright dishonest!in a basic way: fundamentallyThere is the perception that the government is fundamentally dishonest and politicians are not to be trusted.when discussing ideas: intellectuallyHis blind assertion that ‘prison works’ appears as empirically untrue as it was always intellectually dishonest.
Nouns frequently used with dishonest
behaviour: behaviour, claim, conduct, practiceSuch cynical and essentially dishonest behaviour brings shame on the whole profession.people: dealer, employee, traderLegislators can play an important part in protecting the public from dishonest traders.
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