dispute collocations and examples

 UK /dɪˈspjuːt/UK /ˈdɪspjuːt/

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a serious disagreement

Adjectives frequently used with dispute
with angry feelings: acrimonious, bitter, heatedThis was one of the longest running and most bitter industrial disputes in the history of labour relations.serious: fierce, major, seriousWTO rules have led to a major dispute between the EU and the United States over banana imports.over a long period: lengthy, long-running, long-standing, ongoing, prolonged, protractedBus drivers are holding a ninth strike in a long-running dispute over pay.within a group: domestic, internalThe government is now riven by internal disputes.between countries: internationalCountries should try to resolve international disputes through peaceful dialogue and negotiation.unimportant dispute: minor, pettyHe bought the land and almost immediately encountered a petty dispute over boundaries.types of dispute: civil, commercial, contractual, industrial, legal, matrimonial, political, territorial, theologicalTerritorial disputes led to a costly war in which thousands were killed.
Nouns frequently used before dispute
involving an area of land: border, boundary, landI have a boundary dispute with a neighbour and need to know the exact area of land that my property occupies.types of dispute: contract, employment, family, labour, pay, property, tradeUniversity lecturers have finally settled their pay dispute.
Verbs frequently used with dispute
end a dispute: end, resolve, settle, solveThe vast majority of these disputes are resolved within months.have a dispute with someone: be involved in, haveFor the last two years the company has been involved in a legal dispute with a coffee store chain over the use of its logo.cause a dispute: cause, lead toParking is an issue that has led to unpleasant neighbourhood disputes.deal with a dispute: deal with, handleHer caseload includes dealing with commercial disputes.try to solve a dispute: adjudicate, arbitrate, decide, determine, mediateFor over ten years she has mediated disputes involving parties at all educational levels for the Los Angeles coursts.avoid a dispute: avoid, preventThe maintenance of proper records will avoid any dispute as to the amount to be charged.
Verbs that frequently follow dispute
when a dispute happens: arise, erupt, occurAny dispute arising from the use of this website shall be governed by the laws of Scotland.what a dispute is about: concern something, involve someone/something, relate to somethingThe current dispute concerns actors’ employment status.
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