distaste collocations and examples

 UK /dɪsˈteɪst/

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a feeling of not liking someone or something

Adjectives frequently used with distaste
strong: considerable, deep, great, profound, strongShe was very clear about her profound distaste for politics.obvious: apparent, clear, evident, obviousHe looked at the painting with obvious distaste.felt by a large number of people: general, popular, public, universal, widespreadThe case has highlighted a growing public distaste for performing animals.
Verbs frequently used with distaste
feel distaste: develop, feel, haveI’ve always had a deep distaste for the hierarchical structure of most companies.show distaste: demonstrate, express, showThe public has shown consistent distaste for factory farming.hide distaste: conceal, hideShe made no effort to conceal her distaste for him.
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