distinctive collocations and examples

 UK /dɪˈstɪŋktɪv/

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easy to recognize because of being different

Adverbs frequently used with distinctive
very: extremely, highly, particularly, quite, truly, utterly, veryEach character in the book is unique and highly distinctive.in a particular way: architecturally, culturally, visuallyOur websites are visually distinctive, and our prices are the cheapest you’ll ever see.
Nouns frequently used with distinctive
flavour: flavour, tasteEach dish has its own distinctive flavour and aroma.smell: aroma, smellThe flowers come in a range of colours, and have a very distinctive smell.appearance: appearance, lines, look, shapeOne of our strengths is our product’s distinctive look.pattern or design: livery, mark, marking, pattern, stylingThe airline has its own distinctive green and white livery.sound: sound, vocals, voiceThe unique combination gives the band its own distinctive sound.characteristic: characteristic, feature, quality, traitOne of the most distinctive characteristics of the book is the attention to detail.character: character, feel, identity, personality, styleThe distinctive character of this place and its people is under threat.
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