dominance collocations and examples

 UK /ˈdɒmɪnəns/

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influence or power over others

Adjectives frequently used with dominance
very strong or powerful: overwhelming, total, unchallenged, unquestionedHow do you explain their overwhelming dominance in basketball?affecting the whole world: global, worldThe book examines the history behind the country’s global political dominance.relating to politics and society: cultural, economic, market, military, political, territorialThe ruling classes maintained economic dominance and men: maleThis type of behaviour is aimed at maintaining male dominance over women.becoming stronger or more powerful: growing, increasingThe increasing dominance of the supermarkets is affecting small retailers everywhere.
Verbs frequently used with dominance
achieve dominance: achieve, assert, assume, attain, establish, gain, haveBritain established dominance over the globe during the 19th century.cause dominance to continue: confirm, continue, ensure, maintain, reinforce, retainThe government’s policy is to ensure that military dominance is maintained.cause dominance to end or become weaker: challenge, counter, end, erode, reduceThe aim was to reduce the dominance of cars over pedestrian traffic.achieve dominance again: reassert, re-establishIn the final race, the top three teams reasserted their dominance.
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