domination collocations and examples

 UK /ˌdɒmɪˈneɪʃ(ə)n/

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power over other people or things

Adjectives frequently used with domination
complete: complete, totalWe had total domination in the first half of the game.over the whole world: global, worldThe story follows their progress from the early days through to global one country over another: colonial, foreign, imperial, imperialist, territorialThe current situation is one of lack of security and foreign domination.relating to politics and society: cultural, ideological, military, politicalThis chapter explores the correspondence between globalization and American cultural economic terms: capitalist, corporate, economicThis form of economic domination by a few rich nations is no longer men and boys: maleThe report calls for an end to male domination in the ICT classroom.
Verbs frequently used with domination
achieve domination: achieve, establish, impose, secureIn order to achieve their domination, the invaders destroyed the local under someone’s domination: be under, come underThe surrounding kingdoms had come under the domination of Rome.cause domination to continue: continue, extend, increase, maintain, perpetuateThe women’s team continued their domination of college hockey with three wins last week.oppose domination: avoid, oppose, prevent, resistThere are many voices opposing supermarket domination.cause domination to end: break, endGoldman was on the U.S. team that ended Italian domination of the game.
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