donation collocations and examples

 UK /dəʊˈneɪʃ(ə)n/

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money or goods given in order to help people

Adjectives frequently used with donation
large: generous, handsome, large, sizeable, substantialThank you for your very generous donation to the charity.small: modest, smallYou may use the library in return for a small donation to the Society.consisting of money: financial, monetaryYou can now make financial donations towards the cost of research through our website.made once or regularly: annual, monthly, one-off, regularMembers support us by means of a one-off donation, or by setting up a monthly payment.intended to help people or an organization: charitableThese charitable donations keep the universities going.given by someone whose name is not known: anonymousWe asked people to give an anonymous donation in a sealed envelope.
Verbs frequently used with donation
ask for a donation: appeal for, apply for, ask for, call for, look forWe are asking for donations to help us reach our £90,000 target.give a donation: give, makeThere will be an opportunity to make a donation to the church.receive a donation: accept, collect, get, receiveAmnesty International does not accept donations from happy to receive a donation: appreciate, welcomeAdmission is free, although donations are appreciated.need donations in order to survive: depend on, rely on, run on, survive onThe shop relies on donations, so please donate any items that you can spare.

blood, body parts etc given by one person to help someone who needs them

Nouns frequently used before donation
blood, bone marrow, egg, organ, sperm, tissueMuch of modern medicine is only made possible because of blood donation.
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