donor collocations and examples

 UK /ˈdəʊnə(r)/

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someone who gives blood etc for medical use

Nouns frequently used before donor
blood, bone marrow, egg, kidney, organ, sperm, tissueThe scheme aims to increase the number of kidney donors available.
Verbs frequently used with donor
try to get donors: appeal for, attract, call for, look for, recruit, search forWe are always looking for egg donors.test donors to check for illness: screen, testAll donors are screened before giving blood.

someone who gives money or goods to help a charity, political party etc

Adjectives frequently used with donor
giving large amounts of money: big, generous, international, major, wealthyHe was, and remains, a generous donor to the Labour Party.not giving their name: anonymous, unknownWe have received £200 from an anonymous donor.relating to large organizations: corporate, institutionalOne-third of the Party’s funds now comes from corporate donors.relating to individual people: individual, privateWe have received generous support from several private donors.
Verbs that frequently follow donor
promise to give money or goods: commit something, pledge something, promise somethingIn all, donors pledged $452.9 million.give money or goods: contribute something, donate something, give somethingAn anonymous donor has contributed £1000 to the for something: fund somethingThe yearly award is funded by generous institutional donors, including one of our largest insurance companies.
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