doom collocations and examples

 UK /duːm/

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destruction, death, or complete failure that cannot be avoided

Adjectives frequently used with doom
going to happen soon: imminent, impendingI also share her sense of impending doom.certain to happen: certain, inevitableI was sure that any minute I would fall to certain doom.
Verbs frequently used with doom
meet, predict, prophesy, seal, spell, threatenScarce rain spelled doom for villages reliant on producing crops.
Nouns + of frequently used before doom
a feeling of doom: feeling, senseTheir sense of doom is understandable.something or someone that is a sign of doom: harbinger, portent, signThe raven was seen as a harbinger of doom.a prediction of doom: prediction, prophecyDespite his sister Cassandra’s prophecies of doom, Hector goes into battle and is treacherously murdered by Achilles.someone who says that something bad will happen: prophet, voiceI don’t want to be a prophet of doom, but the forecast says it will rain all weekend.
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