downturn collocations and examples

 UK /ˈdaʊnˌtɜː(r)n/

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a reduction in economic or business activity

Adjectives frequently used with downturn
serious: major, serious, severe, sharp, significantSweden has recently suffered its most severe economic downturn since the 1930s.economic: economicThe club had been hit very hard by the country’s economic downturn.happening around the world: global, worldwideIn the event of a global downturn, the country’s economy is more exposed and more vulnerable than most.long: prolonged, sustainedJapan’s hotel industry is a victim of the prolonged economic downturn.
Verbs frequently used with downturn
experience a downturn: experience, face, see, sufferThe company saw a downturn in sales over the last six months.cause a downturn: cause, precipitateStock investors may sell off their holdings causing a downturn in the stock market and the national successful in spite of a downturn: survive, weatherWe have probably weathered the downturn better than other countries.
Nouns frequently used after downturn in
business, demand, the economy, industry, market, sales, tradeThe Governor of the Bank of England warned of a possible downturn in the housing market.Because we’d kept our costs down, we survived the downturn in sales.
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