draft collocations and examples

 UK /drɑːft/

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a preliminary version of a plan or letter

Adjectives frequently used with draft
first or early: early, first, initial, original, preliminaryThis is an early draft of the work, complete with the author’s corrections, additions and deletions.final: final, lastDraft documents have been circulated for discussion pending a final draft.likely to be changed: rough, workingBefore filling out the application form, it is a good idea to write a rough draft first.having been changed: amended, revisedClerk may offer an amended draft.
Verbs frequently used with draft
write a draft: create, prepare, produce, writeWhen you have an idea of what you want to say, write a rough draft.read a draft: proofread, readThe editor suggested some changes when he read my draft.finish a draft: complete, finalise, finishOnce the first draft is completed, set it aside for the few days so that you can return to it with a fresh eye.I was just finishing the final draft of a very complicated book.let other people see a draft: circulate, issue, present, publish, submitWe were able to submit the most recent draft to Sport England for comment.agree to a draft: agree, approveIn 2018, the committee approved the final draft.make changes to a draft: amend, reviseAfter lengthy discussions, the draft was revised.look at a draft in order to see if it needs to be changed: consider, reviewThe current drafts were reviewed at the Ottawa project meeting.
Nouns frequently used after draft
law or rule: bill, clause, constitution, directive, guidance, guidelines, law, legislation, order, regulation, ruleDraft legislation is expected, and must be implemented by 2023.agreement: agreement, contract, treatyAdvice and a draft childminding contract are available from the Scottish Childminding Association.plan: plan, policy, proposal, resolution, strategyDraft management plans have been completed for Mungo National Park.document: copy, document, letter, manifesto, paper, report, statement, versionThe draft document is now ready for circulation among the wider membership.
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