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 UK /driːm/

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something experienced in your mind during sleep

Adjectives frequently used with dream
strange: bizarre, strange, weirdWhen I do get to sleep I have a strange dream involving chasing people down fire escapes.bad: bad, disturbing, horribleI keep having bad dreams in which I am falling from a cliff.nice: nice, pleasantI awoke from a pleasant dream.in which you see what is going to happen in the future: propheticHe had had a spookily prophetic dream about death.involving sexual thoughts: eroticShe had been having erotic dreams about a stranger she had met only a few days ago.very clear: lucid, vivid18.3 per cent of patients who took the drug reported having had vivid dreams.happening many times: recurrent, recurringJane and I have both had strange, recurring dreams about death.
Verbs frequently used with dream
have a dream: dream, havePeople often dream vivid recurrent dreams of events in the past.I had a bad dream last night.wake from a dream: awake from, wake fromHe looked slightly disorientated, as if he had just woken from a dream.

something good that you hope to achieve

Adjectives frequently used with dream
not likely to be achieved: crazy, distant, elusive, impossible, romantic, unattainable, utopianIn our culture we are continually tempted to pay money for an elusive dream of satisfaction.that you have had for a very long time: lifelong, long-heldShe was an ambitious mother, whose lifelong dream was for all four daughters to become accomplished musicians.big and ambitious: big, greatKapoor was a small time filmmaker with big dreams.not achieved: broken, shattered, unfulfilledHe was left with nothing but his memories and shattered dreams.happening at the end of a process: ultimateMy ultimate dream is to have a farm of my own.

Usage note

If something is beyond your wildest dreams, it is much better than you imagined: In a few years he will be rich beyond even his wildest dreams.

Nouns frequently used before dream
boyhood, childhoodSmithy said “It was my childhood dream come true to fly this iconic British fighter”.
Verbs frequently used with dream
have a dream: haveQuite a few people have a dream of running a hotel, but then find they hate the lifestyle having taken the plunge.try to achieve your dream: chase, follow, pursueA therapist convinced Cate to pursue her dream of becoming a singer.achieve your dream: achieve, fulfil, live, realizeHe’s living his dreams.

Usage note

You can also say that someone’s dream turns to reality or someone’s dream comes true: His Olympic dream turned to reality when he won a gold medal in Beijing.

end someone’s dream: destroy, end, shatterAidan badly injured his knee, which effectively ended his dreams of football stardom.

Other nouns/adjectives/verbs frequently used with dream
ambitions, aspirations, desires, goals, hopes, visionsYou may also like to mention your hopes and dreams for the future.
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