drug collocations and examples

 UK /drʌɡ/

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an illegal substance that changes the body and mind

Adjectives frequently used with drug
illegal: illegal, illicitThe possession of illicit drugs in some countries carries very severe penalties.types of drug: hard, recreational, softAs with alcohol abuse, recreational drugs are thought to have a damaging effect on the nervous system.
Verbs frequently used with drug
take drugs: abuse, be involved in, do informal, experiment with, inject, take, useThere is often total disbelief when parents are told that their son or daughter is involved in drugs.Up to half of young people may have experimented with illegal drugs or solvents by the time they are 16.

Usage note

If someone takes drugs regularly, you can also use the phrase be on drugs: He was on drugs and stole to feed his habit.

sell drugs: deal, deal in, peddle, push, sell, supplyHe has admitted dealing drugs to pay for prostitutes.be unable to stop using a drug: be addicted to, be dependent on, be hooked on informalHaving spent most of his adult life addicted to drugs, Barber didn’t know how to function without them.make a drug which was illegal become legal: legalizeCannabis use has rocketed since the drug was legalized in the Netherlands.take drugs away using official power: seizeOfficers raided the flat to seize illegal drugs.bring drugs into a country illegally: smuggleHe had smuggled drugs between Mexico and the US.

Nouns frequently used after drug
someone who takes drugs: abuser, addict, misuser, userDrug addicts will steal from friends and family to buy drugs.the use of drugs: abuse, misuse, taking, useHealth professionals can help to identify problem alcohol and drug use as early as possible.someone who sells drugs: baron, dealer, lord, smuggler, traffickerPolice are targeting drug dealers.the act of selling drugs: deal, dealing, smuggling, trade, traffickingAt the hearing, they will be able to apply to seize money they believe to have been earned from drug deals.the problem of being unable to stop taking drugs: addiction, dependence, dependency, habit, problemMany prisoners have a drink or drug addiction.crime related to drugs: charge, crime, driving, offenceTwo men have been arrested on suspicion of drug offences.an official attempt to take drugs away: bust informal, raidPolice seized heroin and cocaine in a drugs bust.an occasion when someone takes too much of a drug: overdoseReeves died of a drug overdose.
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