dry collocations and examples

 UK /draɪ/

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when there is no rain

Adverbs frequently used with dry
rather: fairly, reasonably, relatively, somewhatIt was fortunate that the weather remained relatively dry during the winter.in most places or at most times: generally, mainly, mostlyThe weather was mostly dry except for a heavy downpour during the latter part of the visit.in a way that is different from usual: exceptionally, surprisingly, unusuallyThe exceptionally dry weather is responsible for the dry riverbed.
Verbs frequently used with dry
be, become, keep, remain, stay, turnI hope it stays dry for another week.
Other nouns/adjectives/verbs frequently used with dry
cloudy, cold, cool, crisp, hot, mild, sunny, warm, wet, windyIn May the weather is mild and generally dry, making the walking conditions good.
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