easy collocations and examples

 UK /ˈiːzi/

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not difficult, or not needing much work

Adverbs frequently used with easy
very: dead informal, exceptionally, extremely, incredibly, particularly, really, remarkably, ridiculously, very, wonderfullyThe website was really easy to use and I quickly found what I wanted.rather: comparatively, fairly, pretty informal, quite, reasonably, relatively, slightlyOnce I made the commitment to losing weight, it was relatively easy.in a way that surprises you: amazingly, surprisinglyThe cake was surprisingly easy to make.but not as easy as it first seems: deceptivelyThe book is a deceptively easy read, and repays more careful attention than the style would suggest.
Verbs frequently used with easy
be, become, feel, find something, look, make something, seem, soundPlanning of the project was made easier through regular communication between the people involved.
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