effective collocations and examples

 UK /ɪˈfektɪv/

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working well and producing the intended result

Adverbs frequently used with effective
very: devastatingly, extremely, fully, highly, hugely, pretty informal, really informal, truly, veryDavid has a highly effective way of engaging the listener.rather: moderately, partially, quite, reasonablyThe previous treatment has been ineffective or only partially effective.more and more: increasingly, more and moreAs you become increasingly effective in your role you will become more valued as an employee.in a surprising way: amazingly, extraordinarily, incredibly, remarkably, surprisinglyI have now developed a beautifully simple, but amazingly effective strategy.equally: equallyBoth forms of treatment have proved equally effective.in a particular way: clinically, economically, educationally, operationally, pedagogicallyIs multimedia educationally effective?
Nouns frequently used with effective
way or method: alternative, manner, means, mechanism, method, solution, strategy, tool, wayCombining diet with exercise is a far more effective means of losing weight.actions or activities: communication, control, intervention, leadership, learning, management, teaching, teamwork, useWe need to ensure the most effective use of buildings.treatment: remedy, treatment, vaccineNo effective malaria vaccine has yet been developed.weapon, or something that stops someone doing something: deterrentHighly visible locks have proved very effective deterrents in blocks of garages.
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