effectiveness collocations and examples

 UK /ɪˈfektɪvnəs/

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the quality of being effective

Verbs frequently used with effectiveness
examine effectiveness: analyse, assess, compare, determine, evaluate, examine, gauge, investigate, judge, look at, measure, monitor, testIt is important to keep evaluating the effectiveness of educational methods.improve effectiveness: enhance, improve, increase, maximize, optimize, strengthenThis policy improves the effectiveness of ads.reduce effectiveness: compromise, decrease, diminish, limit, lose, reduce, undermineThe recent threat to email from computer viruses has seriously reduced its effectiveness.show effectiveness: confirm, demonstrate, prove, show, verifyNew drugs need to undergo rigorous trials to prove their effectiveness and safety.ensure effectiveness: ensureThe Bank of England’s main job is to ensure the effectiveness of the UK financial system.doubt effectiveness: doubt, questionThis study was not undertaken to question the effectiveness of trades unions.
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